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Check ZARO out, High energy funk/jazz
High energy jazz/funk
Northern Colorado




Biography: Andrew Vogt

Andrew Vogt

Andrew Vogt started playing Saxophone in elementary school in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Since then he has added clarinet and flute to his arsenal and has performed professionally at well over 5,000 events.  He earned a degree in music from the University of Nebraska and is now a freelance musician/music educator in Fort Collins, Colorado.  In the late 1990's Andrew was one of the top musicians  competing for the Cognac Hennessy Jazz Challenge.  He then spent three years sailing the seas on cruise ships performing every night for hundreds of guests.   At the turn of the new millennium he moved his horns and himself to the beautiful land of Colorado.  Andrew specializes in high energy, exciting jazz but also performs in a variety of different funk, soul and R&B bands.  Check out the links below to go to the web sites of some of those bands as well as other places that feature CD's Andrew plays on.

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